Local Activism

Gatherings, Outreach and Action

Human groups are able to achieve exponentially more than individuals. Therefore to make a difference, our first objective must be to build relationships with others who resonate with or have an expertise with at least one of the core modules: local resilience, peaceful continuity (non-aggression, consensus building, conflict resolution), adaptive action, modularity, and the psychology of identity. Of these cores, local resilience is the easiest to spread across identity lines.

In some regions it will be easy to connect to existing networks (for example some cities may have Agile or Non-violent Communication meet up groups). In other areas outreach will be needed.

Gatherings bring people together, and strengthen their sense of community. This can be as simple as a barbecue or a potluck. The key here is to cultivate a relaxed, welcoming environment. Feeling is more important than the technicals. Relationships take precedence over evangelism.

Outreach should always involve an invitation to a gathering or action of some sort, or a means to connect online. The key here is to solidify the initial contact with social connection.

Groups are strengthened by working towards common goals. In the Local Resilience Starter Kit you will find ideas for outreach, facilitating events, and concrete action.

To set up an online chat system for your local chapter (using the Mattermost app), send an email to with the words “Local Chapter” in the subject.

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