Training for Activists

Those who want to get ahead of the curve and help others do the same; those who really want to change the world, have their homework cut out for them.

There’s a lot to absorb. Some of what you need to learn isn’t taught in school. Some realities are impossible to fully integrate just by reading a book. Study cannot replace experience.

In the next iteration there will be 5 slots available for online training, and one slot available onsite.

Subject matter includes local resilience, adaptive action, modularity, meme science and social dynamics.

To apply, send an email to with the following information (in order):

  • Include the word “Online Training” or “Onsite Training” in the email subject.
  • Provide your name, age, gender and nationality
  • Provide us with an email address associated with a google drive account (for document sharing).
  • Describe your intentions, goals and, commitments in 1000 words or less. This statement should connect to at least one of the core modules.
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