The Problem

Our generation has inherited a world on a collision course. War, environmental devastation, corruption, state-sanctioned violence, social degradation... The scale and extent of the problems we face are staggering.

To change course we must trace these issues to their socioeconomic roots.

  • Infinite Growth - It would be impossible to stop environmental devastation without confronting the infinite growth paradigm. Debt based econonomies must grow perpetually to avoid collapse. This model is clearly unsustainable.
  • Fossil Fuel Dependence - Every sector of modern economies are tied to fossil fuels. In order to break free we need to understand the geostrategic forces maintaining the status quo.
  • International Conflict - War is the most horrific and destructive expression of human potential. Unfortunately it's also quite profitable. To avert international conflict we must understand how human psychology is hijacked by those in power, and establish cultural norms to counter.
  • Socioeconomic Dysfunction - Extreme inequality, totalitarianism, corruption... Wealth and power always tends to accumulate and fewer and fewer hands. The system isn't broken. These are inherent side effects of the current social structure and cultural norms.

See the Solution

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