Peaceful Continuity

The ability to maintain peace and security within a group, and in relation to outside groups is vital.

Intolerance and disrespect breed hatred. Hatred breeds violence and lays the groundwork for war.

War is the most horrific and destructive expression of human potential. Under its fog unimaginable atrocities are common place. The psychological scars impact generations to come. In the age of nuclear weapons the continuity of life on planet earth is at stake.

A culture of peace, which promotes conflict resolution and consensus building, and condemns the initiation of violence — reserving defense as the last resort — inherently improves the health and survival rate of societies which hold it. We can refer to this principle as Peaceful Continuity

  • Nonaggression
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Consensus Building

Peaceful Continuity is a module comprised of three cultural norms: nonaggression, conflict resolution and consensus building. These norms are simple and self evident, yet fundamentally transformational if applied.

WARNING: The retaliation instinct is often invoked artificially. Falsely attributing an attack to a foreign enemy is one of the preferred tactics used to start wars. A healthy measure of skepticism, and an understanding human psychology is crucial.

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